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Top Reasons to Hire a Day of Wedding Coordinator

Soon To Be Wed Wedding Planning Riverside, CA

You've got it all down, dress - check! Venue - check! Wedding vision and decor - check! But what about who's going to make your vision come to life as you are you getting ready and enjoying your wedding day?

This is where a day-of wedding coordinator plays an important role! With a wedding coordinator, you can get ready with your bridesmaids with an ease of mind knowing your plans and hard work is being executed perfectly. A day of wedding coordinator will have meetings with you leading up to the wedding to learn every aspect and detail that you have planned and will be able to decorate, coordinate your vendors and manage your timeline on the day of your wedding.

When you book day of wedding coordination with Soon To Be Wed, you are ensuring that your wedding day will go perfect and that all of your wedding planning will come together exactly how you planned it.

Soon To Be Wed Wedding Planning Riverside, CA

Some of the services included in our Day of Wedding Coordination Packages Include:

*3 Meetings prior to your wedding

*Table setup example

*Reception and ceremony layout

*Wedding day timeline creation

*Wedding day decorating and setup

*Vendor coordination

*Wedding day timeline management

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