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Soon To Be Wed California Wedding Planner

$75/Meeting (20 minute speed wedding planning session)

Soon To Be Wed is introducing a convenient and accessible wedding planning session that is available for everyone! This service is perfect for someone who only needs some expert opinion on a few things for their wedding. In our zoom meeting you'll be able to ask a professional wedding planner for advice on your timeline, help on your wedding layouts and tie up any other loose ends for your wedding.


Ask Me Anything:

Help with your wedding layout

Review your wedding timeline

Wedding design advice and suggestions

Wedding vendor recommendations

Problem solving

Show Me Anything:

Plans for your wedding florals

Table setup ideas

Color schemes

Wedding gown ideas

Wedding ideas you're planning

Make A Dent in Your Wedding Planning

Get answers to all of your questions

Find wedding vendors you're still looking for

Check off most of your wedding to-do's

Tie up any loose ends

Request A Virtual Wedding Planning Meeting

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$75/Meeting (20 minute speed wedding planning session)

During our speed wedding planning session, you will have the opportunity to ask me ANYTHING for your wedding. Since we are on a time limit, I suggest you have everything ready to go when we start.


How to Maximize Our Wedding Planning Meeting

Make a list of questions you want to ask

Pre-save and have ready, all photos, videos and contracts you'd like to go over

Have any links ready you would like to share

Gather and wedding supplies, decor, etc. you would like to discuss

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