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Soon to Be Wed Wedding Planning in Riverside, CA

Wedding Coordinating

Our wedding coordinating package is perfect for the bride that has a majority of the planning done and is needing someone to perfectly execute their vision on their wedding day so that they can relax and be the BRIDE!
Coordination starts 1-6 months before the wedding.
Pricing is up to 100 guests
Day of Coordinating - $1850+
Reception Only - $1350+ | Ceremony Only - $500+
Tons of Support  
  • 3 In-Person Meetings Before the Wedding - One is your booking meeting with venue walk through.

  • Unlimited Text, Calls, and Email Support - Tues – Sat Between 5-9 PM, Sundays & Mondays Between 9 AM – 9 PM.

  • 1 Hour Rehearsal Prior to the Wedding - Included when you do full day of coordinating or ceremony only. We prep your wedding party and guests of honor on where to stand, where they sit, how to walk and all of the information they need so that they are feeling sure and confident on the day of your wedding.

  • Referrals for Trusted Wedding Vendors -  We work with trusted and professional wedding vendors so that we can give you recommendations for any of the vendors that you're still looking for. 

All of the Details  

  • Reception Floor Plan Creation - Your venue and vendors will have an exact map of where you want tables, how many tables and chairs you're using, where you want your dance floor and all other important reception placements. 

  • Timeline Creation for Wedding Ceremony and Reception - Your DJ, venue and photographer will have an exact schedule of all the important times of what's happening during your ceremony and reception so you won't have to worry about your cake cutting being skipped or not knowing when you're throwing your bouquet.

The Day of Your Wedding

  1. Full Day-Of Wedding Coordinating  - 8 Hours of Service: 3 Hours Prior for Setup, 5 Hours for Your Wedding.

  2. Reception Only Coordinating - 6 Hours of Service: 3 Hours Prior for Setup, 3 Hours for Your Wedding.

  3. Ceremony Only Coordinating - 3 Hours of Service: 2 Hours Prior for Setup, 1 Hour for Your Ceremony.

  • Ensure Everything Runs Smoothly - We ensure that your entire wedding goes off without a hitch so that you, and your loved ones, won't have to worry about a thing. Our job is to ensure that everything you planned for the day comes out perfect.

  • Check-In Vendors and Show Them Where to Set-Up - Your DJ will be where we planned for him to be, the florist will know which tables get which centerpieces and your rental companies will know exactly which tables go where.

  • Decorating of Ceremony and Reception Space - Includes: Tablescapes and centerpieces, aisle way, cocktail tables, favors and escort cards on tables, etc.

  • Acts as a Liaison with the DJ - We work with the DJ to ensure grand entrance, dances, dinner dismissals, toasts, and speeches are following the timeline.