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Things to Consider When Making Your Wedding Timeline

Your wedding timeline is crucial information for all of your wedding vendors and for ensuring a smooth schedule for your wedding. Wedding vendors rely on timelines to plan enough time for setup and breakdown. From photographers knowing when the important moments are happening to your DJ knowing when to make announcements, your wedding day timeline will be a point of reference for everyone involved in your big day.

Soon To Be Wed Wedding Planner Riverside, CA

When creating your wedding timeline, your wedding coordinator/wedding planner will ask you a ton of questions to help make sure that all of your special details are in place. Your wedding coordinator will also work with each of your vendors to make sure that everything you planned to happen, actually happens!

Here are some of the main questions I ask when creating your wedding day timeline:

  1. Are you doing any special readings or ceremonies? (EX: unity candle, communion, sand ceremony, etc...)

  2. Will you be doing a grand entrance? Who do you want to include and what order would you like them in?

  3. Will you want to do your first dance after the grand entrance or after dinner?

  4. Will there be a blessing before your dinner? Who will do it?

  5. Who will give toasts and what order would you like them in?

  6. Will you be doing a father/daughter dance and a mother/son dance?

  7. Will you do a money dance?

  8. Are you doing a cake cutting? Who will be cutting your cake or would you like to add that service ($100)?

  9. Will you be doing a bouquet/garter toss?

  10. Will there be a video/slideshow?

  11. Will you have a sparkler sendoff? 

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