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Soon to Be Wed Wedding Planning in Riverside, CA

Romantic Backyard Weddings & Elopements

Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, couples everywhere have been having to make the tough decision of having to postpone their long awaited wedding day.

For some couples, waiting a whole extra year is not something they want to write for their love story. For a lot of you, 2020 was the year that you as a couple want to become one. I can still help make that happen for you.

I can bring your dream wedding to you.

As times and regulations are continuing to change, we can abide by all local laws and still have you say "I Do" in a romantic and intimate way. I am offering a special Pandemic Special for flexible couples who are willing to wed "outside the box" and get married in their backyard or on private property.


My team of professionals will safely bring the wedding to you including things such as:

  • Glamourous Tenting and Umbrellas

  • Rental Furniture, Tables & Chairs

  • Bistro, Twinkle and Mood Lights

  • Portable Bars and Dance Floors

  • All Wedding Vendors & Professionals

Soon to Be Wed Wedding Planning in Riverside, CA

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Laws are continuing to change and Soon To Be Wed is here to help you make your personal wedding happen!